Here's How To Trial and Purchase An Instrument
  • Can I Just Buy This Instrument Right Away?
Yes, if it is in stock. Call us at (603) 356-9890 or email us at to find out if it is available. It may be out on trial with someone else. If it is available, we'll hold it for you while your certified check is on the way. We do not accept credit cards as payment for instruments. Please read the Why Don't You Take Credit Cards For Trial Instruments? section below for details.
  • Will You Send Me An Instrument To Try At Home?
Yes, it is one of our specialties. We have over 30 years of experience in sending instruments out on a trial basis.
  • How Does It Work?
Once we receive your certified check, the instrument will be shipped fully insured, on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (to insure fastest, safest delivery). You'll have ten days from the date you receive it to test, play and compare the instrument. We highly recommend you plan to have a lesson or attend a rehearsal during the trial period.
  • How Much Does It Cost?
The total cost of the instrument is required in advance in the form of a money order or certified bank check. We do not take credit cards for instrument trials. We'll hold your certified check as you try the instrument. If you decide to keep the instrument, the check will be deposited. If you decide to return the instrument to us, your original certified check will be returned to you. Your only cost, if you decide to keep the instrument, will be the original shipping cost. If you decide to return the instrument, your cost is limited to the original and return shipping charges.
  • Why Don't You Take Credit Cards For Trial Instruments?
When someone wants to try one of our instruments, we try our hardest to make it easy for them. While using a credit card would be easy indeed, it is also an unfortunate reality that there are folks out there who would use the system to steal an instrument. We are serious about both your safety and the safety of our instruments. If you are so inclined, we are happy to provide references to help assure you of our legitimacy and methods. Arrangements can easily be made for you to visit us and try the instrument in person if you live within driving distance and prefer not to send a certified check.
  • Will You Hold The Instrument Until I Get Payment Available?
Yes. An instrument is a major purchase and we are comfortable working with you to arrange a trial at your convenience, taking both financial and timing concerns into account. We can not hold an instrument for months but we know it may take you a week or two to arrange for funds to be available. Please communicate your expectations to us when you place an instrument on hold for a trial.
  • What Responsibilities Do I Take On?
Your responsibilities start with safe care of the instrument while it is in your possession. We recommend you contact your insurance company to let them know you will be trialing an expensive instrument. A temporary policy may cost very little, and give you added peace of mind. If you should decide to return the instrument to us, we require that you use the original box or a similar quality substitute. See our FAQ How to pack and ship an instrument if you have questions about how to pack and send the instrument back to us. The instrument must be returned in a timely manner, fully insured and very well packed. Instructions are provided on the packing slip/invoice you receive with the instrument. If the instrument is returned in a damaged state do to lack of adequate packing or misuse, we will subtract the cost of repair and hold your funds until the issue has been resolved.
  • Do You Offer A Warranty?
Yes. We provide a one year repair warranty with new instruments and a three month repair warranty with used instruments. These warranties cover normal wear and will cover minor adjustments of the mechanism, repair of the mechanism (parts extra), and minor crack repair. Your cost would be limited to shipping charges and any necessary replacement parts. In addition, new Fox instruments come with a service warranty from Fox which includes a thorough cleaning and re adjustment at the conclusion of the first year of ownership. Contact Fox Products for complete information on this service.
  • What Else Comes With An Instrument?
We provide lifetime insurance appraisal service at no charge with every instrument purchased from us. You will receive two copies of our certified insurance appraisal with your paid receipt. One copy is for your records, the second is for your insurance company. A third copy is kept on file at our office indefinitely, in case you should ever need to put in a claim, or research the value of your instrument. In addition, we will update the value of your instrument for as long as you own the instrument at no charge.
  • Who Do I Contact To Arrange A Trial?
If you need more information, or are ready to proceed with a trial, contact us by email at or by telephone at 1-603-356-9890. Everyone at our office can assist you in putting an instrument on hold or providing additional information.
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