• Will you buy my bocal?
We purchase bocals, or take them in trade for other merchandise from our catalog and website. If your bocal is for a double reed instrument and in reasonably good condition, there's a good chance we'll be interested.
  • How do I sell you my bocal?
Contact us by email or fax at 603-356-9891 and provide the following information:

1) Tell us the size markings including any letters and numbers and symbols. (i.e. #2 *CVC*) If none, please tell us that as well.

2) Tell us the brand name or whatever name it says on the bocal. (i.e. Heckel Biebrich) If none, please tell us that as well.

3) Describe the material: if it looks silvery, it's probably silver. If it's something else, tell us whatever you can.

4) Describe the surface condition: is the metal clean, tarnish-free and intact? Any worn areas?

5) Body condition: is the body bent, folded, twisted or repaired in some way? If yes, please describe the condition to the best of your ability.

6) Cork/string condition: is the cork or string clean and intact?

7) Please describe any other identifying features, or comments you would like to share.

8) Provide some digital photos if at all possible. We can download large photos, but it's really not necessary to go above 1 or 2 GBs.
  • How do you calculate the price you offer me?
We calculate the value of your bocal by examining recent and current sales prices, taking current demand into account. Used bocals in excellent condition bring about 1/2 their original purchase price when we sell them, and we offer you about half of that when we make an offer to buy your bocal. The exact value and our offer depend upon the make, model and condition and how desirable the bocal is. An example: $400 original price, we sell at $200, we pay you $100.00. Altered, damaged and off-brand bocals bring considerably less. If we reach agreement, a business check will be forwarded to you within 10 to 14 days, or merchandise value will be offered immediately.
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